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Interdimensional Rift


12”x16”x.75” | 30.4cm x 40.6cm x 1.9cm


Mixed Media - Modeling paste and acrylic paint on canvas.

Step through the Interdimensional Rift, a portal into a realm of cosmic wonder and intrigue. Set within a circular frame resembling an ancient eye; this artwork beckons you to gaze into the depths of a celestial tapestry. Vibrant hues of blues, reds, and purples dance, merging to form a captivating nebula of swirling energy.

Centered in this cosmic spectacle, a celestial body blazes with fiery intensity, its shimmering tail trailing behind it in a graceful arc. Against the star-speckled expanse of space, this luminescent figure pulsates with life and motion, drawing you further into its mystical embrace.

The organic texture of the frame adds a tactile element to the artwork, hinting at the hidden mysteries and complexities of the universe. Golden accents glimmer and catch the light, evoking a sense of ancient wisdom and timeless beauty.

Embark on a journey through the Interdimensional Rift, where the boundaries of reality blur and the infinite possibilities of the cosmos await.

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