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Fluorescentillium Abstractium


16”x12”x.75” | 40.6cm x 50.8cm x 1.9cm


Acrylic paint on canvas.

"Flourescentillium Abstractium" is a 16"x12" acrylic on canvas painting that showcases bold, sinuous shapes in vibrant pink against a textured, complex background. The meandering pink forms twist and flow across the canvas, creating a sense of movement and rhythm. The background features a variety of colors, including ochre, blue, green, and orange, with patterns of grid-like squares and circular motifs adding depth and visual interest. The interplay between the fluorescent pink shapes and the richly patterned background results in a dynamic contrast, giving the painting an energetic and lively feel. The overall composition suggests a microscopic view, bringing a unique and intriguing element to the artwork.

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