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A Single Lightbulb’s Glow, A Universe of Ideas


18”x24”x1.5” | 45.7cm x 60.9cm x 3.8cm


Acrylic paint on canvas.

"A Single Lightbulb's Glow, A Universe of Ideas" is an acrylic on canvas painting depicting a surreal and thought-provoking image. Taking center stage of the artwork, a giant lightbulb and detailed landscape scene are within its transparent glass. The scene features a lone, leafless tree standing on a cracked earth desert environment. The contrast between the cracked earth's rugged texture and the tree's smooth surface creates a striking visual impact.

The background of the light bulb displays a dynamic sky with tumultuous clouds in hues of blue, yellow, and gray, with a lightning strike illuminating one of the cloud structures. Surrounding the light bulb is a cosmic backdrop, showcasing a starry sky painted in shades of purple, pink, and black, with stylistic representations of planets in blue and purple tones dispersed throughout.

The painting is an introspective metaphor for my creative process. Imagination and ideas are infinite, like the universe. However, as many ideas and concepts are floating through the universe, what exactly to create is hard to see through the cosmic dust and clouds. The mind's desolate landscape is filled with creative elements but is fragmented like the cracked desert floor. Imagery, thoughts, and concepts are the tempestuous (brain)storm rolling through. However, the storm does not depict negativity; it symbolizes transformation and renewal. What happens to a desertscape after a storm? It blossoms with life and color.

In essence, the artwork serves as a metaphor for the infinite nature of ideas and imagination. It symbolizes transformation and renewal, with the barren landscape representing the fragmented and craggy elements of creation before the storm of inspiration strikes.

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