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Musica Universalis


24”x30”x1.5” | 60.9cm x 76.2cm x 3.8cm


Acrylic paint on canvas.


"Musica Universalis" is a surreal and imaginative piece where celestial bodies and antique gramophones blend harmoniously, creating a symphony of the universe. At the center of the painting is a classic gramophone, but instead of a vinyl record, the turntable holds a rotating globe of Earth.

Floating in the sky on separate islands are mini versions of this setup, showcasing Mars and Jupiter, creating a whimsical sense of scale and distance. The floating islands with hanging grass and roots beneath emphasize the dreamlike and ethereal nature of the scene. The background of the painting transitions from a starry night sky to a beautiful gradient of purple and orange hues, creating a stunning contrast with the technological and natural elements.

Inspired by the ancient philosophical concept of "Musica universalis," suggesting that celestial bodies move in harmony to create inaudible music heard by the soul. This philosophy is uniquely represented by portraying gramophones in space using planets as records. The artwork invites viewers to contemplate the universe's interconnectedness and explore the idea of celestial bodies emitting their unique hum, with the planets acting as records in a grand cosmic symphony.

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