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Artist Statement

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Cliff Powell's contemporary artwork is a captivating blend of surrealism and abstract expressionism, brought to life through vibrant colors and dynamic gestural movements. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Powell's paintings transport viewers to cosmic landscapes where fantasy, science fiction, and nature collide in a harmonious dance of creativity.

With a background in architecture and interior design, Powell expertly balances composition, form, and color in each piece. His technique is rooted in observation and imagination, allowing him to create intricate scenes that invite viewers to explore every detail and interpret the story uniquely.

Whether painting surreal scenes of butterflies and bees or exploring abstract compositions of symbols and geometry, Powell's work is a visual feast for the eyes, drawing viewers into a world where the boundaries of reality are blurred and the possibilities are endless. Each painting is a testament to Powell's artistic vision, breaking the rules of traditional painting and inviting viewers to embrace the beauty of the unexpected.

Through his art, Powell invites us to look closer, to open our minds to new possibilities, and to find beauty in the unconventional. His work challenges us to see the world in a different light and embrace our imagination's limitless potential. Cliff Powell's art is a testament to the power of creativity and the infinite possibilities within each of us.

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Cliff grew up in the small coastal city of Lake Worth Beach, FL. In 1978, he was born into a talented Family Tree, with his great grandparents being composers/musicians in Finland’s National Orchestra. Cliff’s mother is an illustrator and former ballerina, and his father is a writer with a vast imagination. Both were always very supportive of all his creative endeavors.

Even at a young age, Cliff was consumed with drawing, painting, and creating music. Upon receiving his first guitar, Cliff’s obsession with music was inescapable. After graduating high school, he joined a hard rock/metal band that toured the USA and played with bands such as Godsmack, Hatebreed, Exodus, Powerman 5000, Corrosion of Conformity, and Suicidal
Tendencies, to name a few.

Between touring and recording, Cliff worked for his uncle’s construction company, learning all he could about building homes, designing plans, and obtaining a general contractor license. 2008’s great recession forced him to move on and become a construction project manager with the most prominent automotive service and tire retailer in the United States. With his creative nature, Cliff ultimately became the Director of Architecture and engineering, leading a team that designed buildings and interior designs and planned many other commercial facilities.

After numerous successful years, Cliff needed a new challenge and became the Director of Development and Construction for a Fortune 500 company. In this position, Cliff designed, developed, and built car dealerships for major brands throughout the USA, such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and others.

While in this role, Cliff attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, earning a bachelor’s degree and Sum Cum Laude distinction in interior design. Studies in fine arts and design reignited the creative spark that took a backseat while in the fray of corporate America. During this time, Cliff’s personal artistic creativity was brewing, so he took to the canvas with his paint, brushes & color. Painting became his outlet to escape the stress of corporate America.

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