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Helical Ascent


24”x24”x.75” | 60.9cm x 60.9cm x 1.9cm


Acrylic paint on canvas.

Helical Ascent is a vibrant and dynamic abstract painting that captures the essence of movement and energy with its vivid colors and intricate composition. The artwork's focal point is a blue-toned spiral at the center, surrounded by concentric circles in shades of pink, red, blue, and grey. The layers of paint and mixed media elements create a rich, tactile texture that adds depth to the piece. Speckles, splatters, and droplets of paint in various colors enhance the sense of movement and spontaneity, while abstract arrows and direction indicators create a visual dialogue between the center and the edges of the canvas. With a nod to color relationships, abstract symbolism, and dynamic composition, this artwork exudes energy and expression, inviting viewers to contemplate the journey of ascension and growth symbolized by the helical spiral.

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