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12”x16”x.75” | 30.4cm x 40.6cm x 1.9cm


Mixed Media on Canvas - Acrylic paint and Posca paint markers.

The artwork titled "Bugs" is a vibrant and lively fusion of classic cartoon charm and edgy street art aesthetics. Rendered on canvas in acrylic paint and posca markers, the artwork features Bugs Bunny at center stage, holding a large paintbrush dripping with bright yellow paint. He is depicted in a traditional cartoon style, with exaggerated facial features and a hearty grin.

Behind Bugs Bunny, a colorful backdrop with an urban graffiti influence showcases bold, stylized letters spelling out "BUGS" in orange and yellow tones. The background is filled with splashes of blues, pinks, purples, and yellows, creating an abstract expressionist effect. Dripping paint in blue and yellow hues adds to the graffiti theme.

To the left of Bugs Bunny are red, blue, and yellow paint cans with paint dripping, further enhancing the sense of painting in action. The ground where Bugs Bunny stands is represented in simple grey and white tones, with additional splashes of colorful paint tying the character to the background.

Overall, "Bugs" is a unique and captivating artwork that seamlessly blends the classic charm of Bugs Bunny with the urban flair of street art. It is a dynamic and bold representation that will surely catch viewers' eye.

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